Norwegian forest cat — a cat of Vikings

Norwegians strong beautiful pets with sufficient independent nature. At the same time they homebodies and keepers of a home. They like to be in company with people and get along well with children, find common language with other pets.

Bright emerald or golden brown eyes, long streaming wool, sweet expression of a muzzle, nimble ears ... Every time you look at this cat, she pleases your eye, every time when you stroke its silky soft fur coat, she pleases your sense of touch.

Beautiful Norwegians not only physically, but spiritually as well. He's a excellent companion, always around, but does not impose their society, while happily you in the implementation of any household works or walk in the fresh air, of course, if he lives in the countryside and it is a normal environment, unlike the city apartment. Norwegians gets on well with other pets and children. If him something doesn't like, he will leave than gain one's end , angry, niggle, much less his vengeance. This is higher than its aristocratic dignity.

If you're undecided, but want the cat was your companion and friend, if you like longhairs, but you don't want to spend time caring for wool, if you want to participate in shows and surprise people around you a rare breed in Russia Norwegian Wildcat created for You.